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Packing Details

Device Weight:             1.4Kg (Complete Pack)
Carton Weight:             14Kg (10pcs/carton)
Carton Dimension:       60 x 52 x 34cm (10pcs)


Early Childhood Education Books Package for children consists of Malay Books series 1-3, English Books (Numbers, Alphabets, Alphabets 2), Learn Arabic Guide Book, Prayers Guide Book, Iqra (1-6) Full Set and Selected Surahs’ from the Al-Quran, to train children to learn the correct pronounciation of each word with the right rhythm and intonation.

Other than that, this package can help children to recognize sounds and syllables with accurate phonics pronounciation. This package also includes simple words that is easy for children to understand and remember.

Product Features
  • Attractive design for muslim kids
  • Suitable for muslim kids 3 years and above
  • Iqra 1-6 Full Set
  • Malay Books Series 1-3
  • English Books (Numbers, Alphabets, Alphabets 2)
  • Selected Surahs’ From Al-Quran
  • Prayer Guide Book
  • Learn Arabic Guide Book
  • Complimentary Bag for kids
  • Clear and loud sound with built-in speakers and headphone
  • Beautiful Pen with Gift Packing
  • Internal Chargable Battery
Product Specifications

  • 4 GB Flash Memory
  • PC Connection by the USB provided
  • User-friendly design with high quality audio
Books Collections
  1. Numbers
  2. Alphabets
  3. Alphabets 2
  4. Malay Language Book 1
  5. Malay Language Book 2
  6. Malay Language Book 3
  7. Iqra 1
  8. Iqra 2
  9. Iqra 3
  10. Iqra 4
  11. Iqra 5
  12. Iqra 6
  13. Prayer Guide Book
  14. Learn Arabic Guide Book
  15. Selected Surahs' from the Al - Quran

With audio support following skills can be achieved :
  • Fluency in reading
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Pronounciation
  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Grammatical Structure

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