6 Sifat Sahabat Nabi


Alhamdulillah, now complete the application for the ‘6 Sifat Sahabat Nabi’ specially for the whole Muslim community writted in Malay language. This application teaches a few of the good characters from the Prophet S.A.W. companion that can be use as a guide and applied in our daily life to practice an Islamic way of life.

- Page Curl Effect same like real book
- Content taken from Authentic Sources
- Last page read “Auto Bookmark”
- Beautiful and Stylish Graphics
- A complete guide book with Arabic and Malay language
- Easy & Fast Navigation Index
- Internet required 1st time downloads Graphics only
- Small in size
- Smart and fast downloading for graphics after installation and meanwhile you can use app as well
- Specially created for Smartphone and tablet
- Remove Advertisement option

Note: This application is free with advertisement. Jazak Allah Khair

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